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Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Basement Remodeling and In – Law Suites

We are personally involved and oversee every facet of our projects. We design the space you are envisioning and then create it with Scott our owner/project manager on every project. In addition, we have collaborative relationships with a wide range of quality contractors that we bring onto our jobs as needed. We ensure that you have a talented and tested team working on your home.

Full Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodel

Does your current kitchen need updating? We can work with you to give you the kitchen remodel of your dreams. Incorporating your personal tastes in the kitchen design, we can shape your new kitchen with modern amenities and the specific style you are looking for.

If you want to remove some walls for a more open design, we can go through the necessary steps to determine if this can be done. If you want to forgo the kitchen table for a large eat-in island, we will go over the dimensions required around an island. Whatever you are dreaming of, we look forward to incorporating all of your needs into the perfect kitchen remodel design.

Full Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodel

Are you tired of getting up in the morning and walking into an old dated bathroom?  When you take a shower, does it leak down to the first floor family room ceiling?  Or is your shower so small, you can hardly move? If so it’s time to transform your old, dated, nasty bathroom into a warm, inviting, luxurious spa.  It’s time you called us to help design and remodel your bathroom.

Whether you need a full high end master bathroom remodel or just want to remodel your hall bath, we can deliver the right bathroom solution to you.

Basement Remodeling

basement remodel

Are you tired of tripping over your kids toys in your family room? Do you want to have a place where your teenager can hang out with their friends? A finished basement remodel is one of the smartest remodeling projects you can do in your home. Transforming a cold,  dark, and dingy basement into a warm, bright, and beautiful finished lower level can dramatically change your life. A basement remodel can expand the useable square footage of your home while simultaneously increasing the value of your home. ReStart Home Renovations can finish your existing basement and increase your home’s overall worth.

In – Law Suites

In – law suites are a place for the in – laws or parents usually inside, attached or located on an adult child’s property. In- Law suites in LehighValley, PA can be custom built additions, converted basements and garages as well as stand alone guest houses. Local zoning codes will determine what type of suite can be built. Detached suites can be more difficult to build due to zoning regulations while additions and basement ( if a walk – out) suites are often more feasible.

Creating an in – law suite inside of your home or through an addition is a wise decision as parents begin to age. This not only gives peace of mind to have loved ones close by but can also help with living expenses.

A walk out basement in – law suite is a popular choice since it is on ground level and is often unused space in most homes. Access to plumbing is usually available so kitchens and baths can easily be added in addition to living space.

An addition off the first floor is also a good option for an in – law suite in Lehigh Valley, PA. This would provide a lot of accessibility for care and mobility for aging parents. They can also be created to feel like a separate apartment with their own private entrances to still give some independence.

ReStart Home Renovations can design and build your in – law suite in Lehigh Valley, PA to your needs and tastes to give you a functional and beautiful space for your loved ones!

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