In – Law Suite In Lehigh Valley, PA

What is an in – law suite?

In – law suites are a place for the in – laws or parents usually inside, attached or located on an adult child’s property. In- Law suites in LehighValley, PA can be custom built additions, converted basements and garages as well as stand alone guest houses. Local zoning codes will determine what type of suite can be built. Detached suites can be more difficult to build due to zoning regulations while additions and basement ( if a walk – out) suites are often more feasible.

Creating an in – law suite inside of your home or through an addition is a wise decision as parents begin to age. This not only gives peace of mind to have loved ones close by but can also help with living expenses.

A walk out basement in – law suite is a popular choice since it is on ground level and is often unused space in most homes. Access to plumbing is usually available so kitchens and baths can easily be added in addition to living space.

An addition off the first floor is also a good option for an in – law suite in Lehigh Valley, PA. This would provide a lot of accessibility for care and mobility for aging parents. They can also be created to feel like a separate apartment with their own private entrances to still give some independence.

ReStart Home Renovations can design and build your in – law suite in Lehigh Valley, PA to your needs and tastes to give you a functional and beautiful space for your loved ones!

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