Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractor in Lehigh Valley, PA

  Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractor In Lehigh Valley, PA

6 Tips for Hiring the Right One


Kitchen and Bath remodeling contractor in lehigh valley pa

Having the desire to recreate your kitchen and bath in the Lehigh Valley is the first step towards making your remodeling dreams come true. While you may have a lot of ideas, chances are you need a kitchen and bath remodeling contractor in Lehigh Valley, PA to bring your dreams to life. A professional can and keep your home and family safe throughout the home transformation.


However, before contacting a contractor it’s important to step back and think about what actually needs to be done. Most likely, you’ll be investing quite a bit of time and finances into this project, so you want to make sure you have the right person on the job.


Here are a few tips for when it comes to choosing a kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor to make sure the job gets done properly the first time around.


1. Research

Before you hire, make sure you’ve checked out the contractor and his/her company. Whether he or she is an independent hire or working with a company, you’re going to want to make sure you take the time to verify the status of their license and legitimacy of their place of employment. A great contractor will be more than willing to back up their experience with samples of their work and referrals.

 2. Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask questions you have before you hire someone on for the job. Even if it seems insignificant at the time, you need to be able to communicate freely and easily with the person who will be in charge of major changes in your home. Use questions before hire as a great way to feel out your contractor’s ability to communicate with clientele on a variety of topics.

3. Must Have Features

Likely you have a good idea of what you want your remodel to look like. If there are certain features you want included in the remodel such as quartz countertops or open shelving, it’s important to state those facts up front and with confidence. A great contractor will be happy to work with you on those important features.

 4. Budget Clarity

It’s essential that you are clear about your budget well before hiring a contractor. If both you and your potential contractor understand your budget up front, there is less likely to be a problem down the road. Lik You also shouldn’t hesitate to tell a potential contractor where you prefer to invest the majority of your money. If you prefer to repaint cabinets instead of replacing so that you have more to spend towards stunning granite countertops, your potential contractor should be aware of this up front. Being on the same page financially is going to ensure that your remodel doesn’t break the bank and remains stress free throughout.

5. Talk to Previous Clients

While a contractor may market his or herself well, talking to people who have worked directly with them is a must when it comes to final product. Seeing the final results in other homes, through pictures or talking with previous clients is a great way to gauge what your own results could look like.

 6. Plan for the Unexpected

It’s important to expect the unexpected. When choosing a contractor for a kitchen and bath remodel, make sure to take mishaps, setbacks and adjusted timelines into consideration. If you understand the need to be flexible from the beginning, the remodeling adventure you have decided to take will be that much more enjoyable for everyone involved!


Have you hired a kitchen and bath remodeling contractor in Lehigh Valley, PA recently? What helped your decision in your hire?



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