Meet Scott and Jessica Holwick

Founders and Principals of ReStart Home Renovations

Home is where the heart is. And, for us, our heart has always been in homes.

Whether it was making our own with cleverly crafted spaces designed for our kiddos to frolic, rumble and make a roaring mess in, or remodeling them and selling them – the homes, not the kids – , there has always been a common thread tying together the homes we touched: They were consistently well-designed and beautifully remodeled.

It quickly became our signature style: Swoon-worthy dream homes that were designed and delivered with flawless functionality, craftmanship and style.

Our remodeling company grew from these experiences, allowing us to infuse our personal skills and style into designing, remodeling and building homes. Through this process, our passion for quality style and craftsmanship was cultivated.

In 2019 we officially founded ReStart Home Renovations with an exclusive focus on offering design and remodel services for home-owners in the Lehigh Valley area.

Our zones of genius are larger projects that we can work our magic on: Whole house and Main floor renovations alongside Kitchen and Bathroom remodels.

From designing bespoke renovations for a beautiful restart, through to seamlessly managing every moment of making and styling your visionary remodel, we’re here to help you transform your house into a home. 

So, let us do the heavy lifting. Literally and figuratively! Because designing, remodeling and styling your dream home doesn’t have to feel like a chore (with way too many complex and confusing choices).

At ReStart Home Renovations, you can trust you’re in good hands … even if those hands are often calloused and carefully carrying the curated details of your design. 😉

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Our Philosophy and Style

We believe your home should be your sanctuary.

The place where you’re safe to not only to dream, but also to make the memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Your home is a reflection of you and it should show.

Our style is born from our philosophy that spaces should not only be beautiful but be livable and timeless and be home.

Our style has been described as a fresh Classic Transitional, seamlessly blending traditional and modern elements to create your dream space.

Meet Scott: The talented builder, fine craftsman, and grand slam breakfast maker

For Scott, his spark for craftmanship was stirred at a young age. By his late teens he was laying tiles, and in his twenties, Scott was mastering the methods of fine craftmanship by making furniture and renovating bathrooms and kitchens for his friends.

During this time, he started working as a graphic designer for John Shaw Productions, designing building renderings, and overseeing their construction in major theme parks across the country.

Today, Scott has been renovating and building for over 30 years and has achieved notoriety as a detailed perfectionist with a proclivity for fine craftsmanship that not only looks spectacular at first glance but also reveals a depth of excellence when examined closely.

Meet Jessica: The dream home designer, history buff and garden queen

The official visionary (and unofficial historian) of the team, Jessica has cultivated a gifted eye for quickly spotting the heart and soul of her client’s properties.  

When Jessica was younger, she spent her spare time designing and decorating their family home, intuitively developing her sense of style. During university, she began working with a local builder: Forest City Design and Construction. It was here that she truly mastered the theory and practice of delivering designs that make the most of a home’s bones and brilliance.

Today, Jessica has been actively designing homes for over 10 years and her clients applaud her ability to transform a house into a home with designs that are both beautiful and functional.

We’re known for balancing beautiful, inspired designs with fine craftsmanship and personal service so you feel totally at home – while your home is being remodeled!

Five reasons you’ll feel at home with us in your home

#1. We treat your home like our own.

We’ll respect your rules and commit to keeping your space as clean, calm and chaos-free as possible during your construction.

#2. We maintain your home’s air quality and cleanliness.

Whether you’re remodelling your entire home or renovating a specific room, we’ll prioritize the air quality and cleanliness of your space to limit stress, mess and dust.

#3. We’re intimately involved in every detail of your project

We might be unerringly friendly, but when it comes to managing your project (and protecting you from the hassles and horrors of remodelling!), we’re fiercely devoted to taking care of you and every detail of your project from design to delivery.

#4. We do more with less.

Our partnership with talented local craftsmen means we work with fewer – but more experienced and higher quality – contractors to limit how many people you have in your home.

#5. We keep our promises.

You’re our priority. Always. Which is why you can trust us to do what we say we’re going to do (like returning your calls, showing up on time, communicating clearly and giving you the most honest advice).

Want to envision the possibilities for your home?

Pull up a seat and get comfy with our portfolio of past work.

Warning: Our designs may provoke drools! Grab a tissue just in case. 😉